Customize Your Wall's Finish

Trust our local plastering contractors to upgrade your drywall in the Springfield, Hendersonville & Clarksville, TN area

Plaster has been used to fortify walls for centuries, but the sleek look it creates fits beautifully in any modern home. Buddy's Painting & Drywall in Springfield, Hendersonville & Clarksville, TN offers plastering services to strengthen your walls and leave them with a flawless new finish.

You can customize your walls to match your existing interior design. Our experienced local plastering contractors are able apply different textures that are difficult for amateurs to achieve. They'll work with you to pick the perfect finish that will fit seamlessly in your home.

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Plaster vs. drywall

Wondering about the differences of plaster vs. drywall? Plaster is a form of drywall used to coat walls and ceilings. Some homeowners decide to apply it over their existing drywall to get:

  • A durable finish
  • An even surface for paint application
  • An insulated, fireproofed and soundproofed room


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